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Thorax And Abdomen Crossword Puzzle

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Thorax and Abdomen

          3     4                          
          6   7                            
8   9       10                              
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Across Down
6 11 pairs of muscles between the ribs
10 when the plural cavity becomes filled with air
13 when the plural cavity becomes filled with blood
14 Produces insulin
15 three or more fractured ribs on the same side
16 dome shaped muscle
20 Congenital condition that affects tissue connectivity, can cause sudden cardiac death
21 where oxygen and carbon dioxied exchange
22 Sudden death caused by a blunt blow to the chest
26 Transports blood to the heart
1 Filter metabolic waste
2 Relaxation of the heart chambers
3 protusion of the abdominal viscera
4 ribs 8-10 are called _______ ribs
5 lies between the neck and the digaphram
7 most commonly injured abdominal muscles
8 syndrome that involves compression of the intercostal nerve
9 Stores reb blood cells, regulaes red blood cells in circulation
11 Organ that detoxifies toxic chemicals
12 Ribs 1-7 are called ______ ribs
17 Lies between the diaphram and the pelvis
18 ribs 11 and 12 are called ________ ribs
19 Transports blood away from the heart
23 Muscle injured during a abdominal muscle strain
24 Contraction of the heart chambers
25 Storage chamber for food
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