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Titanic: Words TO Remember Crossword Puzzle

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Titanic: Words to Remember

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Across Down
1 The front section of a ship.
4 A unit of speed
6 The rear part of a ship
8 One of the main decks of a ship
9 Doors placed between bulkheads that could be automatically shut to prevent flooding.
12 The amount of water displaced, or pushed aside, while a ship is afloat.
13 A small iceberg.
15 A small, partly enclosed, high look-out platform.
17 Toward or in the rear, or stern, of a ship.
18 The distance east or west of the prime meridian
20 A large flat piece of metal under the stern of a ship which is used for steering.
21 One of the upright partitions dividing a ship into watertight compartments
23 A distress signal used by ships prior to the adoption of SOS as the international distress signal.
24 A rotating screw, usually with two, three, or four blades
26 The current international distress signal
2 The line on the hull of a ship to which the water surface rises.
3 The distance north or south of the equator.
5 A crosswise platform above the main deck of a ship, where the ship's controls are located.
7 A navigational route calculated by following an arc along a circle.
10 The right side of a ship
11 The workers who feed coal and tended to the boilers
14 A small crane that projects over the side of a ship used to raise and lower cargo, anchors, and lifeboats
16 Toward the bow or in the front of a vessel.
19 The officer in charge of money matters on board a ship
22 Workers who kept the engines lubricated
25 The left side of a ship when facing the bow.
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