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TO Kill A Mockingbird Crossword Puzzle

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To Kill a Mockingbird

  4                                 5         6                    
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Across Down
3 a small cheap automobile
4 irritaions, annoyances
9 one accused of or arraigned for a crime, one guilty of a crime or of misconduct
10 a quick raid or sudden attack
11 native to a particular region or species, inborn, innate
12 the personal outfir of a bride usually including clothes
13 the restriction of property by limiting the inheritance to the owner's linear descendants or to a particular class there of
16 having, showing or arising fron intense, often vicious, ill will, spirte or hatred
17 unlawfully, without permission
18 disinclined to talk, silent
20 innocence, naivete
21 showing a likeness which permits one to draw an analogy, similar
22 making certain, discovering, determining
26 uncontrollably noisy, clamorous, unruly
28 a list of dramas, opers, pieceso r parts that a person or company is prepared to perform
29 assumed an air of superiority, exhibited a patronizing attitude
31 unregulatedly disorderly, excessively
33 asserted without proof
35 a depression of spirits, dejection, a pensive mood, sadness
36 scornful, despising, disdainful
39 the state of being confused or bewildered
40 lacking sound judgment, stupid, silly
44 probably meant to be hermaphodite, something that is a combination of diverse elements
46 devoid of inhabitants or visitors, barren, empty
47 a delicate twining greenhouse plant
48 not distant, nearby
1 relating to, or characterized by insult or abuse
2 shameful, embrrassing
5 unable to be measured or understood
6 a predisposition in favor of something, preference
7 yellowish green plum-flavored grapes
8 devitations, strayings from the right or normal way
9 belligerent, argumentative
14 silenty understand, unspoken
15 medieval, uncouth, barbarous
19 the act or state of being disapproved, condemnation
23 marked by keen caution, cunning and watchful
24 not lively, without spirit
25 slang for a head or body louse
27 able to speak, expressing oneself clearly or effectively
30 decided, determined
32 appearing ready to collapse, rickty
34 propitious, favorable
37 being in a state of uneasiness, strain or suspense
38 committed, carried out, brought about
39 behind the times, outmoded
41 a dessert made of oranges and shredded coconut
42 tending to be troublesome, quarrelsome, or irritable
43 passionately, powerfully, fervidly
45 noble, honorable, straightforward
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