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Tom Sawyer Crossword Puzzle

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Tom Sawyer

Ch. 3 'Busy at War and Love'

                  5 6                  
            9       10                  
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Across Down
1 showing or causing unhappiness or sad feeligns; not warm, cheerful, etc.; very bad or poor
2 done in a quiet and secret way to avoid being noticed
3 morally good; having or showing virtue
4 of air, weather, etc.; warm, calm, and pleasant
5 to beg someone for something; to ask someone in a serious and emotional way to do something
7 very confident and daring; very bold and surprising or shocking
10 a feeling of great happiness and excitement
11 of a person; very serious, unhappy, and quiet; very sad or unhappy
12 very strange or ugly in a way that is not normal or natural; extremely different from what is expected or usual
13 to make a liquid thinner or less strong by adding water or another liquid; to lessen the strength of something
15 unable to understand something clearly or to think clearly; filled with uncertainty; puzzled
17 a lump of dirt or clay; a person who is stupid and dull
1 lacking the people, plants, animals, etc. that make people feel welcome in a place; very sad and lonely especially because someone you love had died or left
6 the process or fact of dissipating like vapor
8 feeling no fear; very bold or brave
9 a disease that makes plants dry up and die; something that causes harm or damage like a disease
14 great happiness; something that is pleasing and well chosen; a talent for speaking or writing in a very effective way
15 able to bend without breaking; able to move freely
16 a condition of being well-known and successful; a person of high rank or achievements
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