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                              M       F   S Q U A R E          
                            J A C K   A   A       F            
                          C   S       S   B                    
                          H   O       T   E   H A C K S A W    
                          U   N       E   R       O            
                          C   R       N   S   S T R I P        
                          K E Y H O L E S A W     D            
                      P     L         R   W   W E L D          
              K L I E N S   E                     E            
                      U     C H A N N E L L O C K S            
P U N C H   B O O S T E R   T                     S A W Z A L L
      H               M   C R O S S C U T S A W                
G F C I   F L A S H   A     I                                  
R     S           Y   T     C I R C U L A R S A W              
I   T E M P E R E D   I     A                                  
T     L           R I C K K L E P I N         F                
          P       A         T                 I                
          O   P L U M B   H A M M E R D R I L L                
          U       L         P                 E                
          C A R B I D E   N E E D L E N O S E                  
          H       C               E       H                    
                                  V       E                    
                                  E     C A T S P A W          
                                  L       T                    
                                        R I N G T E S T        
                                          N         A          
                                      A U G E R   K N I F E    
                                              M I T E R        
Across Down
4 tool used to check 90 degree angles
5 portable tool used to raise or lower heavy objects
7 saw used for cutting metal
9 to damage threads on a bolt or nut
10 compass saw
13 fuse 2 pieces of metal together with heat
14 lineman's plier
15 slip joint pliers
16 tool used to punch metal
18 gun powder cartridge used in powder-actuated tools
19 nickname for reciprocating saw
20 used to cut across the grain of wood 8-14 tpi
21 ground fault protection
22 a sudden bright light associated with welding
24 saw with a round blade
25 heat treated metal
26 Corbin's Electric, LLC Career PathTraining Director
29 perfectly vertical
30 used to drill into concrete or brick
31 very hard material made of carbon and metal
32 pliers used to make small loops on conductors
35 used to pull nails
36 test for grinder wheels
38 tool with a spiral cutting edge
39 used to strip cables and conductors
40 used to cut angles
1 cut or channel made by a saw
2 having to do with brick, block or concrete
3 bolt, hook, clip, screw
4 jig saw
6 holds drill bit in place
8 rechargeable electric tool
11 used to re-identify conductors
12 powered by air
17 used to cut and shape wood, masonry, or metal
21 rating for sandpaper abrasiveness
23 powered by fluid pressure
27 curved cut, rasp cut, single cut, double cut
28 device used to store and carry tools
33 perfectly horizontal
34 outside jacket of cable
37 used to shape or smooth material
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