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Across Down
6 A flat, steel square commonly used in carpentry.
9 Unit measure used to describe the amount of pressure exerted(torque) to tighten a small object.
10 A joint made by fastening together perpendicular parts with the end cut at an angle.
11 A wrench with an open end and a closed end.
12 A claw hammer with a slightly rounded, or convex, ect.
13 A wrench, usually Double-ended, that has a closed socket that fits over the head of a bolt.
14 A hexagonal steel bar that is bent to form a right angle
17 A hammer that has one head that is flat and the other face that is rounded.
20 An adjustable carpenters tool consisting of a steel rule that slides through an adjustable heaa.
23 A cut or channel made by a saw.
1 the straight sides or jaws of a wrench opening.
2 Apin, usually round, that fits into a corresponding hole to fasten or align two peices.
3 A prying tool with a nail slot at the end to pull nails.
4 A straight steel rod with a curved claw at one end that is used to pull nails.
5 FLAT, PERFECTLY HORIZONTAL, Used to find if an object is LEVEL.
7 A smooth-jawed adjustable wrench used for turning nuts, bolts, and pipe fittings.
8 The point where members or the edges of members are JOINED.
15 A device such as a bolt, clasp, hook, or locked used to attach or secure one material to another.
16 A tool with a hammer at each end, commonly used to pull nails.
18 A hammer with a flat striking face.
19 Unit of measure used to describe the amount of pressure exerted(torque) to tighten a large object.
21 To cut on a slant at an angle that is not a right angle.
22 A tool used to pull Nails.
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