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Tracfone Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 Carrier Net10 uses this network and 3 others
5 Top Carrier in Mexico
9 Go Mobile, Family Mobile and Straight Talk aare focused here
10 Carrier Total Wireless uses this reliable network
11 30 Service Days of Usage
12 Page Plus has this plan where you can pay by cents over 120 days
13 You might have to purchase one of these to activate your phone
14 Making calls outside the US
15 The 4th largest cell phone company in the world
16 Independent dealers
18 Fastest speed for cell service on market right now
19 On Tracfone Smartphones it all Triples
20 The sim card will be internal on these Att and T-Mobile phones
21 You can purchase this portable network for wi-fi on the go
23 Simple Mobile, Net10 and Straight Talk all do an excellent job of providing this
26 Tracfone will do this action to make sure you hold on to 'what you pay for'
28 All plans have this in common so you cn leave anytime
29 Truly Unlimited
30 A device aside from a smartphone for data usage
31 Move all your contacts, call logs and more to a new device
32 All carriers allow you to use your own phone
33 You can use your Simple Mobile or Telcel phone as part of your plan automatically
35 When you use your service outside coverage areas
42 You may need to purchase one of these with yuor BYOP
44 Not an Smartphone
45 You won't have to worry about monthly bills
1 Nationwide you are provided this benefit
3 Multi-line Family plan where each party takes data from one bucket
4 Walmart Brand, All you Need $30 Plan
6 A phone using the IOS system
7 If you run out of data, you might have to purchase this
8 New Brand for Tracfone Wireless
11 How we get our cell phone service coverage
17 Data runs out so you must put an add-on
18 For downloading apps on an Android
22 Shared Family Plan where each party has own line
24 Best network coverage comes from this popular brand
25 Data slows to 2G after you deplete it
27 You will need a chip for these Verizon and Sprint phoes
34 Triple and Double Minutes
36 1024 Megabytes makes up 1 of these..
37 At first it was 1G...2G then 3G until it started to become this at 4G
38 You must have this in order to have your phone in use
39 Carrier that depletes by cents per minute
40 App to locate networks to save on your data
41 You must qualify through the state
43 Simple Mbile and Telcel love this network
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