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Trades Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
6 A person who is capable of identifying hazards in his surroundings.
9 Limited or restricted means of entry and exit.
10 A short section of rope or strap.
14 The organiztion of a company's management, including reporting procedures, supervisory responsiblity, and administration.
15 Capable of easily igniting and rapidly burning.
16 The panel houses the circuits that distribute electricity throughout the structure.
17 A ladder made of two straight ladders that are connected so the length can adjust.
19 Eye protective equipment worn during welding operations.
21 Braces place diagonally from the bottom of one rail to the top of another rail.
24 A formal procedure for taking equipment out of service.
26 A unit of measure of the intensity of light falling on a surface.
1 The temperature at which fuel give off enough gases to burn.
2 Damage that can be done to eyes after breif exposure to an arc weld.
3 Capable of easily igniting.
4 A man-made cut, cavity, or trench.
5 Hazard Communication Standard
6 Face of the receptacle is flush with the finished wall.
7 It is caused by improperly mixed fuel.
8 Line attached to a tool or object so a worker can pull it up after climbing a ladder scaffold.
11 The joining of metal parts by fusion.
12 A rate computation to dtermine surcharge or credit to workers compensation premium.
13 A device that interrupts and deenergizes an electrical circuit.
18 Waste material resulting fromcutting using a thermal process.
19 A sudden bright light associated with starting up a welding torch.
20 The flow of electrical current through a gas from one pole to another pole.
22 The connection between electrical equipment or an electrical circuit and the earth.
23 Enclosed, fenced, covered, or other wise protected.
25 An assembly of machines used together to do a particular job.
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