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Traveling Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
5 noun / the end of a journey, the place where someone travels to
6 verb/ to have enough money to pay for something
7 phr/ the holiday which is arranged by a travel agency which books flights and accommodation for you
9 noun/ the feeling of being relaxed
10 noun/ people who are the same age or have the same status as you
11 noun/ the visiting of interesting places, especially by people on holiday
12 noun/ the amount of money available
13 noun/ when someone expresses or feels opposition to or dislike of something or someone
15 verb/ to involve in something unnecessarily
16 noun/ the years between the ages of about 11 and 16
20 noun/ the land next to or close to the sea
1 noun/ place -position
2 noun/ a place where people go on holiday
3 adjective/ causing feelings of great admiration, respect or fear
4 noun / the holiday where none of the meals are included in the cost and you are expected to cook or buy all meals yourself
8 noun / an unusual, exciting and possibly dangerous activity such as a journey or experience
14 noun/ the town or city that a person is from
17 adjective/ calm - relaxed
18 verb/ to sit or lie in the sun
19 adj./ foreign and interesting
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