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Treasure Hunting Basics Crossword Puzzle

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Treasure Hunting Basics

                                    1       2                
                      3     4   5         6                  
                  7                     8                    
                                                10       11    
                      13   14                                  
              15                 16     17       18              
          19               20                                  
        21                                       22           23
        26 27                                                  
29                                                 30          
                  31               32   33                      
  34                     35     36           37           38      
        42                                 43                  
                              46                       47      
                                          48       49          
Across Down
6 undead animal that captain jack sparrow likes to shoot
9 name of the house we're staying in: the 'Captain _________ House'
12 paddle used to row a life boat
13 payton's pirate name
18 foul smelling beastie with tentacles
19 sixteen men on a ______ man's chest
20 pirate that placed his heart in a chest
22 they keep water from spraying in your eyes
25 luke's pirate name
26 captain jack sparrow's ship
28 aubrey's pirate name
29 fun sport where you get pulled on an inflatable craft by a boat/jetski
31 pirates favorite liquor
34 sailors that are thieves and hungry for treasure
35 famous pirate that was killed but came back to life - his body swam with out a head
39 coral ____ : place to go snorkeling
40 playful sea mammal with a blow hole
41 what you get if you don't use sunscreen
42 beautiful half woman half sea creature
43 fast sea vessle that pulls tubes and sprays water out the backside
44 metal blade with a handle that pirates use to fight with
46 queen of the milk shakes
48 winged sea creature with a pointy stinger tail
1 Movie: 'Pirates of The _________'
2 island with a famous light house
3 the mark all pirates fear because it attracts the kracken
4 a llittle mixed up but we're all _______
5 tube used to breath underwater
7 what the jail on a ship is called
8 a pirates pet that can fly and talk
10 common name for a pirate flag
11 hard shelled creature that captain jack rode to escape the deserted island
14 hala's pirate name
15 hanging bed that swings between two trees
16 unlocks treasure chests
17 animal that holds the jail keys in the movie
21 tattoo on blake's arm
23 white powdery stuff that makes up a beach
24 'x' marks the spot where you can find this
27 large tower that warns ships of danger at night
30 a pirate uses it to cover up a bad eye
32 island where treasure cay is located
33 large winged sea creature with a pointy tale and horn like features on its head
34 captain of the moon doggie
36 she is davey jones' true love and has magical powers
37 dude's pirate name
38 shell that pirates use as horns
45 'son of a son of a _______'
47 weapon that can be mounted on a ship and deals massive damage when fired
49 what the kitchen on a ship is called
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