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Triangles Crossword Puzzle Answer

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                      U         S S S
                      S         I    
          C O N G R U E N T     M    
            N                   I    
            E Q U I L A T E R A L    
            H               I   A    
            U               G   R    
          I N T E R I O R   H        
            D               T        
R E G U L A R                        
            E X T E R I O R          
            D               A        
S C A L E N E     A         A        
A           I S O S C E L E S        
S           G     A                  
            T R I A N G L E          
            Y     C                  
Across Down
2 Triangles that are congruent by all three corresponding sides being congruent are congruent by _____
3 _______triangles are the same size and shape.
5 All three sides are congruent
7 The angles inside a triangle
8 All sides are congruent and all angles are congruent is a _____triangle
9 The angles outside a triangle that form a linear pair with an interior angle.
11 No sides are congruent
13 Has at least two congruent sides
14 A polygon with three sides
1 A triangle that has one obtuse angle
2 triangles have sides that are proportionate to each other and corresponding angles that are congruent
4 The sum of the interior angles in any triangle is _____
6 This triangle has one right angle.
10 Triangles can be congruent by corresponding angle, angle and a side are congruent by _______
11 Triangles can be congruent when they have corresponding side, an angle and a side congruent are congruent by____
12 Triangles can be congruent when they have an angle, a side and an angle congruent to corresponding angle, side and angle
15 A triangle which has all acute angles
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