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Types OF Dance Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Types of Dance

                      O   H    
        C     C   F   D   I    
        H     O   O   E   P    
        A     U   X   R   H    
        C     N   T A N G O    
        H     T   R       P    
      B A L L R O O M          
      R       Y   T            
      E   T         B A L L E T
    P A S A D O B L E          
      K   P         L          
      D             L          
  F L A M E N C O   Y          
Q U I C K S T E P           S  
      E   A     O           T  
          L     L     J I V E  
          S     K     A     P  
          A   W A L T Z        
Across Down
6 It takes two to do this dance. sizzling male and female dance
7 most entertaining and elite style of dance
9 dancers glide across the floor protraying a story or idea
10 based on sounds and movements fround in Spanish bullfighting
11 beautiful music, beautiful costumes and Flamenco guitar
12 dance with many steps and quick momentum
16 dance from the 30's and 40's where dancers danced to jazz music
17 graceful dance that is done to slow melodic music
1 unusual moves that interpret a dancers emotions and mood
2 street dance with loads of attitude and colorful dancewear
3 rhythmic and energetic with slow movement
4 performed with country music like line dance
5 gives a dancer flexibility to combine slow and fast dance steps together
7 form of street dance that Michael Jackson helped make popular
8 movements of feet and steps that make a tapping sound
9 circular movements of the hips and shimmys of the shoulders
13 flirtatious and lively dance that is usualy danced in one spot
14 fast paced dance that is also a form of music
15 rigid body stance with only feet moving like Irish dancing
16 dance that incorporates and mimics other types of dance
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