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Ucla Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
4 in contrast to USC, which is a private university, UCLA is a ________ university
6 the name of the city where UCLA's home stadium for football games is located
8 the last name of the man whom UCLA's school of medicine is named after people
10 much of the film Legally ________ was actually filmed at UCLA
11 what the 'C' stands for in UCLA
12 the last name of the president whom UCLA's medical center is named after
13 the mascot of UCLA's number one rival
15 the first name of the female version of the UCLA mascot
17 one of UCLA's school colors is blue, but exactly what kind of blue is it?
18 the name of UCLA's most popular library among students and most well-known among the general public
19 the student newspaper at UCLA is called the ______ Bruin
1 in terms of its size, UCLA's campus is 419 _______
2 the nickname used to refer to students who attend UCLA
3 the name of the hall that has become UCLA's famous icon and an architectural landmark
5 in 2017, UCLA had the most _________ of any four-year university in the United States (102,177 of them to be exact)
7 among scholars in academia, UCLA is well-known as a _________ institute
9 one of UCLA's two colors that is not blue
14 the name of the neighborhood that is basically attached to UCLA
16 most movies pretending to be at ________ University are filmed at UCLA
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