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United States Civil War 1 Crossword Puzzle

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United States Civil War 1

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Across Down
1 ____was an escaped slave who led others to freedom on the Underground Railroad
4 _____were the war's deadliest weapons
5 future Chief Justice ____was wounded 3 times during the war
7 Following the war the South was gradually rebuilt, a period known as ____
8 The words____first appeared on a US coin during the war (4 words)
9 The Confederacy hoped for foreign assistance from countries who needed to import _____
10 The bloodiest battle of the war was at _____
11 enlisting, deserting and reenlisting was known as ____
14 a plan to send freed slaves abroad was called ____
15 _____was the treatment of choice for broken or wounded limbs
16 General ___won key battles at Chancellorsville and Fredericksburg
17 Lee surrendered at _____
19 Following the war, ____amendments were added to the Constitution
20 The first shots of the war were directed at ____
2 ____were fixed on the muzzle of guns
3 In 1862, Congress authorized the first paper currency commonly called____
6 The estate of Robert E. Lee is now known as _____National ______
12 Two-thirds of those who died in the war perished from ____
13 In 2 days at ___,on the Tennessee River, more Americans fell than in all previous American wars combined
18 Jefferson Davis was a former US Senator and Secretary of ____
21 Opposing Generals in the Battle of Gettysburg were Lee and _____
22 The Confederacy consisted of ___seceding states
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