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Upper Limb Trauma Crossword Puzzle

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Upper Limb Trauma

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Across Down
3 Direction of the displacement of the distal fracture segment in Smith fracture
5 Most common carpal bone to be fractured with a fall on the outstretched hand
8 Intra-articular fracture of the posterior rim of the distal radius
9 Direction of the displacement of the distal fracture segment in Colles fracture
11 Dissociation which results in the David Letterman and signet ring signs
12 Nerve most likely to be injured in midhumeral fractures
13 Type of glenohumeral dislocation in which the vacant glenoid fossa is present
17 Phalanx affected in in a chip fracture
18 Type of dislocation which the capitate bone does not lie in the concavity of the lunate bone
20 Fracture just below the heads of the second or third metacarpal bones
21 Injury with a proximal ulnar fracture and a proximal radioulnar joint dislocation
24 Fracture of the diaphysis of the ulna
26 Deformity of the humeral head seen in Hill Sachs lesion
27 Intra-articular fracture of the head of the radius
1 Fracture of the distal radius which results in a garden spade deformity
2 Type of fracture due to excessive pull of the brachialis on its attachment on the ulna
4 Comminuted fracture of the base of the metacarpal
6 Oblique fracture of the radial styloid process
7 Fracture of the distal part of the radius resulting in a dinner fork deformity
10 Type of force which results in the baseball finger
14 Grade of AC separation in which the acromioclavicular joint is misaligned and the costoclavicular s[ace is normal
15 Collateral ligament affected in skier's thumb
16 Fracture just below the the heads of the fourth or fifth metacarpal bones
19 Characterized by a base of the first metacarpal and subluxation of the first metacarpal joint
20 Lesion affecting the inferior rim of the glenoid fossa often seen in anterior shoulder dislocations
22 Type of glenohumeral dislocation in which the empty glenoid space is seen
23 Nerve more likely to be damaged in a fracture through the surgical neck of the humerus
25 Injury with a distal radial fracture and a distal radioulnar joint dislocation
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