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Upside Down Magic Crossword Puzzle

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Upside Down Magic

by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, Emily Jenkins

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Across Down
3 He is a boy who fluxes into a rock with his UDM
4 Bax's Dad had ______ skills, but was allergic to fur
7 started a petition to get the UDM class moved out of Dunwiddle
8 Name of the school where Nory attends UDM class
9 Good _________ is the basis of good fluxing
11 Bax turned everything in the locker room into _____
15 The icky green potion that is used to turn Bax from a rock back into a boy
17 Shrinks things when she touches them by accident
18 The main character, a girl that turns into a black cat and other strange creatures
19 Andres was a _________, he couldn't get down from the ceiling
1 Nory used this word when something was strange
2 All of the UDM characters have ______ powers
4 Lacey did unauthorized _______ and burned Andres's leash
5 invited the UDM class over to his house for a birthday party
6 Name of the game the cats played at school
10 When the animals change into different creatures it is called ________
12 Nory transformed into a half squid, half puppy animal called a ____________
13 Marigold shrunk Lacey into the size of a _________
14 Leader of the Dunwiddle Catnips kittenball team
16 The answer to a good kittenball game is _____________
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