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Urinary System Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Urinary System

                  V     U                            
                N E P H R O L I T H I A S I S   C   E
                  S     I                       Y   N
H Y P O K A L E M I A   A                       S   U
                  C                             T   R
          H Y D R O N E P H R O S I S           I   E
                  V                             T   S
    O L I G U R I A                             I   I
                  G L O M E R U L O S C L E R O S I S
                  N E P H R O T I C S Y N D R O M E  
                  A                       Y          
            P Y E L O N E P H R I T I S   S          
                  F                       U          
    K E T O N U R I A                     R          
                  S                       I          
            C Y C T O C E L E             A          
            U     L                                  
            R E N A L C E L L C A N C E R            
Across Down
3 kidney stone formation in the urinary system
6 decreased amount of potassium in the blood
7 enlargement of the kidney
8 decreased production of urine due to kidney failure
9 complication that develops following an acute infection with streptococcal bacteria or with viruses
10 damage to the pores of the capillaries of the glomerulus
12 inflammation in the renal pelvis of the kidney
13 ketone bodies in the urine
14 hernia in which the bladder bulges through a weakness in the muscular wall of the vagina or rectum
16 cancerous tumor that arises from tubules in the nephron
1 absence of urine production by the kidneys because of acute or chronic renal failure
2 formation of an abnormal passageway connecting the bladder to the vagina
4 infection in the bladder
5 involuntary release of urine in an otherwise normal person who should have bladder control
11 difficult or painful urination
15 strong urge to urinate and a sense of pressure in the bladder as the bladder contracts repeatedly
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