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US History Crossword Puzzle

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US History

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Across Down
8 a leader of the Federalists, first Treasurer of the United States, creator of the Bank of the U.S.
9 against the sale or use of alcohol due to the social problems it caused
11 Considered the first African American to give his life for the cause of American independence
12 reated two houses of Congress: one has representation based on the population of each state (House of Representatives)
14 a series of essays written defending the need for a strong Constitution
17 establishing the procedures for the orderly expansion of the United States
18 right to an opportunity to own a business that competes with other businesses to make a profit with little interference
19 the U.S. would not interfere in European affairs, and 2) that the United States would not allow European influence or interference on our side of the world (Western Hemisphere)
20 agreement signed in 1620 by the Pilgrims to establish a way to govern themselves by consulting each other about laws for the colony
22 people who opposed a powerful Constitution
24 “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”
28 the place of the final battle of the Revolutionary War
1 strong sense of loyalty to a particular state or section of the country
2 person who wanted to end slavery in the United States
3 author of pamphlets like Common Sense and The Crisis that encouraged American independence.
4 proposed a Bill of Rights to the Constitution
5 the first permanent English settlement founded in 1607
6 argued for a fair trial for the British soldiers arrested for shooting the Americans in the Boston Massacre
7 supporters of the Constitution who favored a strong national government
8 first American constitution that created a weak national government
10 a cruel and unjust government that ignores human rights
13 the sharing of power, or responsibilities, between the state and the national governments
15 Revenue tax on imports whose primary purpose is to raise money for the government
16 an economic theory stating a country’s strength is measured by the amount of wealth (gold) it accumulates
21 first document that began to limit the absolute power of the king over the citizens of England
23 fearless naval officer in the American Revolution
25 location where the first shots of the American Revolution
26 means to change
27 When the Americans won this battle, Benjamin Franklin was able to convince the French we had a chance to win the war
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