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US Revolutionary War Crossword Puzzle

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US Revolutionary War

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Across Down
2 What was Ben Franklin's son's job?
3 Who was one of the Sons Of Liberty's founders?
4 Who wrote the decloration of independance?
5 When British troops reached lexington, what did they see?
7 What was the name of the secret aliance group?
9 What was held in September 1774 in Philidelphia?
11 What was the treaty that ended the war?
12 With the leaders hiding in Lexington, who was the critical physisian in Boston?
14 Which merchant had his ship seized because he was thought to be smuggling wine?
16 What came out on July 4th 1776?
19 Who was the britsh general in charge of the troops in Boston?
20 What were minute men?
1 A communication system between colonies
6 In the end, who helped the colonists?
8 What was the nickname for a British Soldier?
10 What was the most popular drink at this time?
13 Who wrote Common Sense?
15 What act was passed in 1773
17 At this time, what was the capital?
18 There were patriots, loyalists and...?
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