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US States Crossword Puzzle

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US States

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Across Down
2 Has the longest freshwater shoreline out of any state
6 A quarter of its area is made up of Indian reservations
8 Starting point of the Oregon Train and the Santa Fe Trail
10 Has 8 different ecosystems, including temperate rainforest and desert
11 Only state without any scheduled air service out of its airports
13 Asian Americans makes up the largest segment of it's population
14 Seceded from Massachusetts in 1820
15 Only state that lies entirely above 1,000 feet
16 Two National Parks are often overshadowed by a smaller national monument
17 Largest gold producing state
18 Has a Palmetto Palm tree on its state flag
19 Least populated state in the nation
20 Home to the geographic center of North America
21 Had the nation's most powerful earthquake in 1964
23 Was an independent nation for 9 years before joining the US
24 It's highest point of 345ft is the lowest highpoint out of any state
25 Has the shortest coastline out of any state on an ocean
27 Produces 60% of the nation's farm raised catfish
28 Only one of the original 13 colonies that does not border an ocean
29 Only state with a pennant-shaped state flag
30 The first English child was born here in 1587
31 Became a state in 1863 by seceding from an existing state
37 Rivers make up the entirety of its east and west borders
38 One of it's nicknames is Big Sky Country
39 There is an oil well on the front lawn of this state's capitol
40 Nickname is the Sunflower State
41 Home to the Marshall Space Flight Center
42 38% of its land is held by the national park service
43 Has more miles of interstate highway than any other state
44 Largest maple syrup producer in the US
45 8 US Presidents were born in this state
1 Home to the Church of Latter Day Saints
3 Has the highest agricultural output out of any state
4 Home to the US Naval Academy
5 Home to the nation's oldest state park
7 Nickname is 'The Ocean State'
9 Home to the world's largest cave system
12 Nickname is 'The Badger State'
14 Birthplace of Basketball
15 Home to a city known as the 'insurance capital of the world'
17 3/4th of its roads are unpaved
20 Has more miles of rivers than any other state
22 Named after a French monarch
26 Nicknamed 'The land of 10,000 lakes'
31 Home to the Boeing Everett Factory, the world's largest building
32 Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson are both from this state
33 Its state motto is 'State Sovereignty, National Union'
34 Has the southern starting point of the Appalachian Trail
35 Has the highest population density, with over 1,000 people per square mile
36 Home to the world's only diamond bearing site open to the public
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