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Across Down
2 What is your mother's occupation? She _______in an office.
4 What is your phone number? I will _____you later
5 _______ for your turn
7 It is too hot here, can you_______ the door?
8 I _______ the information in my notebook
11 You use this verb when you are thirsty
13 The verb 'AVOIR' in past
14 It is freezing _________the window!
15 I ______ Tiffany I _____ do acrobatic
17 With this verb you try any meal or food
20 Hey!! what did you do in vacations? I ______ the whole day (past)
21 Yesterday I _____soccer (past)
22 My mother __________ with my homework.
23 Look at the sky! It is superman______ING
25 Push __ button to commence the game
27 My father______the lottery yesterday (past)
28 If you want to eat pineapple, first you have to _____it into small pieces
29 My father did this action this morning in his car(PAST)
31 My dog likes to ___ the bone
32 When you go to the supermarket you use money to____ the cashier
33 Sometimes my mother _________ in the shower
35 I did not know the answers, but Charlotte _____ all (PAST)
1 This verb is for people who likes NIKE'S shoes, JUST ____IT!
2 There are no buses to the station, you have to ______
3 I _________ to listen Pop music.
4 I _____ do acrobatic movements
6 'I've lost my keys! Don't worries I____ them (past)
9 This action You can find in a library
10 This is the teacher's job
11 When you sleep also you______
12 Look! I _______ a new cellphone (past)
16 Sometimes I _________ the bus to my house.
18 You can transtale this verb into English as Ítre
19 This is the students' job
20 Great! I can________ 3 languages.
21 Finally, I____ my exam after studying for two weeks with a A (past)
24 Do you _________in Paris; I don't, I _____in Blainville
25 When the traffic light is red you have to _______
26 You have to ______________ to solve this mathematical problem.
30 You use this verb especially when a Lion is chasing you
33 In summer I always go the beach to _______in the ocean.
34 I always ALLER to the shool in the mornings
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