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Vet Terminology Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Vet Terminology

Complete the crossword puzzle

                  D V M                        
                  S     H     M             C  
                  H Y P O     U             Y  
                        R     L         A N T I
                        S     T         V   E  
                    C L E A N I N G     I      
                    H                   A      
        P       S T E R I L I Z A T I O N      
    N E O   D   T   M               T          
        S C O P E   I   U       O X I A        
        T   B   T   C A R D I O     S          
          L     H   A   O     T                
        H Y D R O   L         O                
      D   S       P H A G I A                  
    P E N I A   H   A       L                  
D   N     S     Y   Z   M                      
Y   E           P   A D L I B                  
S T A T         E   R     C                    
              B R A D Y   U                    
Across Down
1 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
5 insufficient, abnormally low
6 against, opposing
7 Physically removing all visible signs of dirt and organic matter
9 Destroying all microorganisms and viruses on an object using chemicals and/or heat
11 new
13 instrument used for examining
15 oxygen
16 heart
19 water
21 eating, swallowing
23 deficiency of
27 as much as desired
29 immediately
30 abnormally slo
1 domestic short hair
2 equine
3 many
4 cell
6 bird
7 Cleaning Agent
8 after
9 chest
10 inflammation
12 date of birth
14 urinary system
17 ear
18 destruction of
20 down, from
22 pertaining to
23 breathing
24 excessive, abnormally high
25 difficulty
26 cc
28 Intensive Care Unit
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