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Vital Signs Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Vital Signs

                                      M       H  
                        B             E       E  
                        R         A   O       A  
                        A         X   S       R  
                        C         I   T       T  
                        H         L   A       R  
                        I         L   S       A  
                        A         A   I       T  
                      B L O O D P R E S S U R E  
                      O           Y              
                    H Y P O V E N T I L A T I O N
                      T                         E
                H Y P E R T H E R M I A         G
                      M                         A
                  H Y P E R T E N S I O N       T
                      E                         I
                    B R E A T H I N G R A T E   V
                      A               A         E
                      T               D          
        B L O O D G L U C O S E       I          
                      R               A          
    B L O O D O X Y G E N             L          
  P A I N                                        
  P R O G R E S S                                
P R I M A R Y                                    
Across Down
5 Vital sign that is measured using a sphygmomanometer (professionals) or digital machine
6 If you are taking less than 12-16 breaths per minute, you are experiencing this.
8 When your body makes more heat than it can lose.
9 If your blood pressure is chronically above 120/80 mmHg, you may be diagnosed with this.
10 A difficult vital to measure, must be 12-16 per minute.
12 Vital sign that is of particular concern for people with diabetes.
13 Vital sign that is measured using a pulse oximeter (clip that goes on finger or toe) to measure saturation in the blood.
14 A vital sign rated on a scale of 1-10. Not considered 'primary' but is commonly monitored.
15 Vital signs are measured to monitor health, look for disease and check on ____ in recovery or treatment.
16 Body temperature, breathing rate, heart rate and blood pressure are considered the 4 ____ vital signs.
1 The body's state of balance
2 Vital sign that is measured at pulse points such as the carotid or radial.
3 When measuring blood pressure, the name of the artery in the arm that the cuff is securely fastened around.
4 Name for taking temperature in the armpit.
5 Vital sign that can be measured orally, axillary, temporally, tympanically or rectally.
7 Type of feedback used to maintain temperature & blood sugar.
11 The pulse point found on your wrist - most likely to be used by police or medical personnel.
13 Term for a heart rate that is below normal.
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