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                                1   2            
                          3       4             5
                    7   8                        
                  11             12                
          14   15                 16                
    17                           18                
Across Down
3 something aimed at object;goal
6 act or process of injecting
8 equipment for projecting an image on a screen
9 bribery;dishonesty
10 ormation of an opinion admittedly without sufficient evidence for proof;guessing
11 being annoying,distractive,or causing disorder
14 the act of carrying off a person by force
16 a bursting forth;outbreak;outburst
17 a small organ attached to the large intestine,for wich there is no known purpose
18 in low spirits; sad; discouraged
19 unable to pay one's debts; declared legally unable to pay
20 hung down by attaching to something above
1 a breaking; a being broken
2 a hanging ornament, such as a locket
4 person in charge of a railroad,train,bus,ect.
5 a weight hung from a fixed point so that it is free to swing to and fro
7 power to produce;productiveness
12 likely to happen soon; threatening
13 a reasoning or conclusion from particular facts
15 reasoning by deduction
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