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                              1 2                            
          9         10               11     12                  
13                                   14                        
          16         17                     18                  
Across Down
1 fought or quarreled
3 to make a warning
4 planning, forming or desighning after something. Posing for a photograph
5 pressured into action
7 beating with rapidity; pulsating
8 going through an area to guard
10 to urge or cause to move forward
13 excelled or outdone
14 to rise up against authority. To feel opposition toward
15 sitting with limbs spread out. Spreading out
16 to make a plea or request. To ask for a decision in one's favor
18 to make flat, even or smooth
19 pilled or dragged with force. Moved or carried as a load, as in a truck
2 called off; marked or crossed out
5 to have power to direct, manage, or command. Held in check; restrained
6 packed tightly into a small place. Studied hard for a short period of time. Filled or stuffed quickly with food
9 made known. To make visable
11 hauling or pulling. Going with extreme slowness
12 forced or driven back. To cause someone to draw back in disqust
17 to fasten or attach a label to something
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