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Across Down
4 a short retelling of what has already been written or stated
6 to do what is asked or demanded
7 to prepare and print something for the public to read
8 to show something that you usually cannot see
9 to cause to move faster
10 a law or belief that guides a person's actions or behaviors
11 to understand
13 to provide an actual picture or mental picture to go along with written material
14 facts, figures, or other pieces of information that can be used in different ways
15 a part of the whole
18 to show how to do something
22 to evaluate; to try and find the value of something
23 the writing before or after a word or phrase that affects its meaning
25 to make something necessary
26 easily seen; clear
28 opposite in direction or position or movement, to move backward
30 to recognize who someone is or what something is
31 to come from a particular source or place
32 a group of similar things that come one after another
1 to follow in order to reach or catch
2 to be different from other things
3 based on truth, fact, or logic
5 to closely study, examine or explain in detail
6 one of the main parts of a book
9 close in amount or time, but not exact
12 a statement that explains why something happens, but has not been proven
16 to judge
17 to put together or build out of components or parts
19 coming after or later
20 adding details to better explain or describe an idea
21 the form of verbs that show when the action happened
24 to make or cause to be
27 to explain the meaning of a word or phrase
29 to make sure something is correct
30 to hold back, restrain, or prevent
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