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Across Down
2 water that flows from the ground where the surface of the land dips below the water table
4 water that is not salty and has little or no taste, color, or smell
5 the raising and sinking of cold and warm water layers in the lake
6 the highest part in the ground that is saturated, or completely filled, with water
7 water that contains dissolved salts and other minerals
8 change of water from liquid to vapor
9 the area into which all the water between divides flows
10 water that falls from the clouds
11 a type of material that doesn’t let water flow through it
12 a well in which water flows upward because of pressure beneath the surface
15 the process in which water vapor in the atmosphere becomes liquid
17 a ridge, or continuous line of high land, from which water flows from one side to the other
1 underground layer of permeable rock that contains water
3 water held underground
8 the increase of nutrients in a lake or pond
13 the type of material that water can flow through
14 the continuous movement of water through the environment of the Earth
16 mass of ice floating in the ocean
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