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                  47 48     49                                        
Across Down
2 to fully enjoy something
3 too small and is much less than you need
6 something bad that is blatant is very clear and easy to see, but the person responsible for it does not seem embarrassed or ashamed
8 to help a skill, feeling, idea etc develop over a period of time
9 to confuse and surprise people by being unexpected
11 to suddenly and quickly decrease in value or amount
12 extremely good to eat or drink
13 an expression of eager and excited approval
14 able to understand situations or behaviour very well and very quickly, especially so that you can get an advantage for yourself
17 continuing only for a short time
19 an action or event that is different from what usually happens or what someone usually does
20 to be better or more successful than someone else at doing something
21 not very friendly towards someone when you are talking to them
23 the effects of an action or event, especially bad effects that continue for some time
24 when you form ideas or opinions without having very much information to base them on
26 to increase quickly and spread to many different places
28 to invent a clever story, excuse, or plan, especially in order to deceive someone
29 to be good, important, or serious enough for praise or attention
30 to be even better or greater than someone or something else
32 a piece of information or story that someone has invented in order to deceive people
34 not strict in the way you punish someone or in the standard you expect
35 not sure whether something is good or true
36 to express or show something in a short way
42 obeying, supporting, or copying someone completely - used to show disapproval
43 ntended to be used or accepted for a short time only, until something or someone final can be made or found
44 positive and making you feel that good things will happen
45 to spread ideas or information among a lot of people
46 somebody to somebody; to make someone popular and liked
47 the quality of not being truthful
1 to stick out beyond an edge or surface
4 someone who has committed a fraud
5 said or done without a good reason, in a way that offends someone
7 something that you imagine you can see, especially the spirit of a dead person
10 a person or organization that disagrees with an official decision or accepted opinion
15 completely unreasonable, stupid, or wrong
16 considered to be dishonest, bad, illegal etc
18 boring, not new, and insincere
22 to make it difficult for someone to do something
25 to make something more beautiful by adding decorations to it
27 a complicated and confusing situation that is very difficult to get out of
31 to prevent something unpleasant from happening
33 to make an official judgment or give an official order
35 having no money, no food, no home etc
37 pleased with a situation, especially something you have achieved, so that you stop trying to improve or change things - used to show disapproval
38 to completely defeat someone
39 honest and responsible
40 a strong feeling that you like and understand someone or something
41 something that is an impressive achievement, because it needs a lot of skill, strength etc to do
48 to deliberately avoid doing or using something
49 +of; a mysterious, exciting, or desirable quality
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