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Complete the puzzle using the clues below

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Across Down
4 A person employed to drive a car
7 To get rid of something example waste matter
8 The process of breaking down food into easily absorbed substances
9 Plants that can be eaten as food are called
11 Micro organisms, especially one that can cause disease
13 A person who lives next door or near to another person
14 A secret plan in a story, play, novel or film or a piece of land
15 Persons viewing something example a ball game are called
1 A kind of substance found in the stomach that helps with the breaking down of food
2 A small bag or the fold of skin in which a kangaroo keeps its young
3 A printed form on which you write instructions to a bank to pay out money from your account
4 To be free from worry or pain is to be
5 Something that cures or relieves a disease
6 A male deer
8 An amount of medicine taken at one time
10 The top of the foot between the toes and the ankle is
12 When something is able to be stretched and return to its original shape or length we say it is
15 The outside of something especially the top part
16 The feel of something example how soft or rough it is
17 A serious infectious disease with fever caused by harmful bacteria in food or water
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