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Vocabulary OF Poetry Crossword Puzzle

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Vocabulary of Poetry

Use the clue to help you fill in the answer boxes in the puzzle

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              6               7                  
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Across Down
5 dictionary definition of a word
6 this type of poem is shaped in a way that represents its topic
8 ideas related to a word
9 a word, phrase, or line that is repeated throughout a poem
10 repetition of the beginning sound in words, two or more together
14 words that represent sounds
16 14-line poem
18 type of poem that doesn't have any specific characteristics
19 a comparison of two seemingly unlike things using like or as
1 a type of figurative language that if take literally makes no sense at all
2 the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in lines of poetry
3 line or group of lines repeated at regular intervals throughout a poem
4 giving human characteristics to non-human things
7 genre of literature that focuses on feelings and images in writing
9 words that have the same ending sound
11 grouping of lines in poetry, similar to paragraphs in prose
12 humorous rhyming five-line poem, specific rhythm and rhyme
13 Japanese poem with strict subject, line, and syllable structure; 5-7-5
15 a comparison of two seemingly unlike things
17 vivid words and language poets use that appeal to the five senses
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