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Water, Air, And Noise Pollution Crossword Puzzle

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Water, Air, and Noise Pollution

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Across Down
5 sound pressure is measured in
9 water that is drinkable and free from chemicals and microorganisms
10 for human survival, the air must contain 21% of this
12 ____ used petroleum products
13 by-product of combustion or burning
14 our bodies are made up of 90% of this
17 _______ pollution is any form of noise that can disrupt the normal functioning of any natural ecosystem or a human community.
18 catalytic converters are required to be in automobiles because the cut back on the release of what? (2 words, no space)
20 emits radiation from an atomic explosion. Can cause hereditary damage (2 words nospace)
22 automotive poisonous gas, causes people to fall asleep and die (2 words, no space)
24 acoustic ear trauma is a ______ health hazard
27 irritability is a ____ health hazzard.
29 a federal agency who protects the environment.
30 appear to be smoke or dust clouds
32 planting different crops in same fields every year (2 words, no space)
37 only apply water to the soil when it is excessively
38 remove all foreign materials
39 long periods of soft sounds can ___ your hearing.
40 Comes up from the soil, harmful if found in a house or building structure
41 keep ___ engines tuned and serviced
1 used in aerosol cans
2 ___ effect is when species communicate louder than natural because of unwanted noise
3 the 1970 __ requires each state develop a plan that describes how the state will meet requirements concerning tall smoke stacks.
4 area in which an organism or biological population lives
6 ___ is a good way to help combat ringing of the ears. (2 words, no space)
7 a close growing crop planted to temporarily protect the soil surface (2 words, no space)
8 noise pollution can be ____ or outdoor
11 water is the_________. Dissolves or changes most other chemicals (2 words, no space)
15 noise pollution greatly affects
16 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 1% mixture of other gases
18 planting crops without plowing or disking the soil
19 pale yellow element found in coal and crude oil, also combines with moisture to create acid rain
21 A pin dropping is ___ dB
23 a ____ can be purchased to test sound levels.
25 heat and friction resistant, used in shingles
26 by wearing ____, you can help prevent ear damage
28 third world countries still use this even though it is outlawed here
31 cut back on the amount of _______ that are released
32 follow the level of land around a hill
33 carry toxic materials that are harmful to more than the target organism.
34 noise pollution can be _____ or indoor
35 stopping the use of ____ products that contain cfcs.
36 fill empty containers with ___ to absorb all the excess materials
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