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Water And Solutions Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Water and Solutions

                      F           S              
                      R     M     O              
                      E     E     L              
              M       E     L     V              
          E   I       Z     T     E              
          V   X       I     I     N              
          A   T   C O N D E N S A T I O N        
          P   U   A   G     G                    
          O   R   P                 A   S        
        F R E E Z I N G P O I N T   D   U        
          A       L                 H   S        
          T   S O L U T I O N       E   P O L A R
C O L L O I D     A                 S   E        
          O   S U R F A C E T E N S I O N        
          N       Y                 O   S        
                  A                 N   I        
            S P E C I F I C H E A T     O        
            O     T                     N        
            L     I             C       S        
            U   B O I L I N G P O I N T          
            T     N             H                
            E                   E                
Across Down
6 Process in which particles lose energy and a gas returns to liquid state.
9 Temperature at which substance freezes.
10 A mixture that forms when one substance dissolves another.
11 A molecule that has electrically charged areas.
12 Mixture with small undissolved particles that do not settle out.
13 Tightness across the surface of water caused by polar water molecules pulling on each other.
14 The amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of a substance by 1C.
16 Temperature at which substance boils.
1 Particles lose a lot of energy and vibrate in place.
2 Substance in which the solute dissolves.
3 When particles gain energy and move faster and farther apart than in solid state.
4 A material composed of two or more substances physically mixed, but not chemically combined.
5 The process in which molecules at the surface of the liquid absorb enough energy to change to gas state.
6 Combined force of attraction among water molecules and with molecules of surrounding material.
7 Attraction between molecules of different substances.
8 Mixtures in which particles can be seen and easily separated by settling and filtration.
14 Substance dissolved.
15 Attraction between molecules of same substance
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