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Waves (Sound And Light) Crossword Puzzle

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Waves (Sound and Light)

        1     2             3                    
                                        6 7      
            8         9                          
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Across Down
1 color that reflect all light waves
4 color that absorb all light waves
6 highness or lowness of a sound
8 color with smaller wavelengths
10 unit to measure frequency and pitch
11 allows no light through
13 particles move parallel to the motion of the wave
14 tone color or tone quality
16 particles move perpendicular to the motion of the wave
17 change in wave frequency caused by a moving wave source
18 states that waves are reflected from the boundary of the medium at the same angle at which they strike it
19 needs a medium
20 the ability of living things to light
21 distance travelled by a wave crest in one period
23 when two or more waves combine together
2 allows some light through
3 allows all light through
5 unit used to measure sound intensity or loudness
7 frequency below 20 Hz
9 the substance that waves travel through and need to have in order to move
12 they do not require any medium to travel through
15 color with larger wavelengths
22 the bending of a wave as it enters a new medium
24 unwanted sound
25 when a wave hits a surface through which it cannot pass, it bounces back
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