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Weather And Climate Crossword Puzzle

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Weather and Climate

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5 A narrow belt of fast-moving air near the top of the tropopause.
8 An area of low pressure usually associated with cloudy and wet conditions.
10 The squeezing of moving air through a narrow gap between buildings that increases the velocity of the wind.
11 This is the most common air mass over Britain.
12 The effect of the earth's rotation on air flow.
13 The warmer conditions experienced by a city compared with the neighouring countryside.
14 An area of high atmospheric pressure with a low pressure gradient and light, variable winds.
16 The atmospheric convection cell between the equatorial low pressure zone and the subtropical high pressure zone.
18 A term used to describe the recent, rapid rise in global temperatures
22 A term used to describe the reflectivity of a surface.
1 This is the boundary between the Polar cell and the Ferrel cell.
2 The balance between incoming solar radiation and outgoing radiation from the planet.
3 This gas makes up approximately 78% of the volume of dry air.
4 Lines drawn on a synoptic weather map, joining points of equal pressure.
6 The lowest layer of the atmosphere where all the earth's weather takes place.
7 The hour-by-hour state of the atmosphere in any one place.
9 The use of the annual growth rings on trees to infer past climatic conditions.
15 This tropical revolving storm struck New Orleans in August 2005.
17 The city in the Phillipines most seriously affected by Typhoon Haiyan
19 Rainfall resulting from the uplift and subsequent cooling of air over high ground.
20 The mixture of gases surrounding the earth.
21 A measure of solar radiation energy received on a given surface area in a given time.
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