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Weather And Climate Crossword Puzzle

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Weather and Climate

                                    1   2          
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Across Down
5 the process of warming on the Earth's surface
7 areas near the north and south poles
8 process by which water changes from liquid to gas
11 moist air forced upwards on a mountain slope; causes rain on one mountainside and a rain shadow on the other side
12 areas near the equator; between 30 degrees North and Sough Latitudes
13 conditions created by the combination of the four spheres of Earth
14 all of Earth's water
15 the meeting of two air masses with widly different temperatures or moisture levels
17 solid crust of the planet
19 process by which water changes from gas to liquid droplets
1 all life on the planet
2 Earth's movement around the sun
3 point at which the Earth's poles are at their greatest angle towards and away from the sun
4 atmospheric conditions over a long period of time
5 the atmosphere's ability to trap heat; keeps the planet warm
6 energy from the sun that reaches Earth as heat and light
9 dry
10 layer of gases surrounding Earth
16 atmospheric conditions at a given place and time
18 Earth spinning on its axis
20 point in the year in which the Earth's poles are not pointing toward or away from the sun
21 the sun and group of bodies that revolve around it
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