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Well Logging Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Well Logging

Complete the crossword below by answering or completing the sentences.

                M                     N                  
              W E L L L O G G I N G   H                  
                A                     O                  
                S                     L                  
              O U T E R W I R E R O P E                  
              W I R E L I N E C A B L E S                
                G E O P H Y S I C A L L O G S            
                W                   W     E              
          L O G H E A D E R         D     O F F S H O R E
                I                         L              
W               L O G G I N G T O O L S   O              
I N N E R W I R E                     O   G              
N               D                     N   I              
C       L O G T R A I L E R           D   C              
H               I                     E   A              
          T O O L S K E T C H E S         L              
              W I R E L I N E U N I T     O              
                N                     B   N              
                G E O L O G I C A L L O G S              
                      O               R   H              
                      G A M M A       E   O              
                      G               H   R              
                    W I R E L I N E   O   E              
                      N               L                  
                      G             D E P T H            
                  M A I N L O G                          
Across Down
3 It is also known as borehole logging.
4 To provide strength to cable to carry the instruments
5 It consist of two layers; Outer wire rope and Inner wire
6 Physical measurements made by instruments lowered into the borehole
9 Includes all information about the well logged and information necessary to escribe the environment the measurement has been informed in
10 The logging unit is stored as small house on the rig.
12 These develop over the years to measure the electrical acoustic, radioactive, electromagnetic, and other properties of the rocks and their contained fluids.
14 To provide electric power to downhole equipment and for data telemetry.
15 Includes tool/computation parameter table and calibration records.
16 _________ and remarks informing about specific events during the logging operation complete the header.
17 The cabin that contains the surface hardware needed to make wireline-logging measurements.
20 Visual inspection of samples brought to the surface.
22 The _____ ray and neutron log were begun in 1941.
23 It is called also _________ logging due to the wireline cable which carries at its end the instruments and lower it into the well.
24 A _____ wheel drives the depth recording system.
25 Main display of measurement performed
1 Because there are no wires to the surface, data are recorded _________ and retrieved when the drill string is removed from the hole.
2 It is the evaluation of physical properties, usually including pressure, temperature and wellbore trajectory in three-dimensional space, while extending a wellbore.
7 In this technique, instead of sensors being lowered into the well at the end of wireline cable, the sensors are integrated into the drill string and the measurements are made while the well is being drilled. (Abbreviation)
8 LWD measures _________ parameters while the well is being drilled.
11 It lowers and raises the cable in the well.
13 The first electrical resistivity well log was taken in France, in 1927. The instrument, which was use for this purpose, is called ________.
18 The logging company sends Truck Logging Unit which contains the computers, winch and recorders.
19 Well logging is the practice of making a detailed record of the geologic formations penetrated by a _________.
21 It contains at the minimum the surface instrumentation, a winch, a depth recording system and a data recorder.
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