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What's The Persuasive Technique%3f Crossword Puzzle

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What's the Persuasive Technique?

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Across Down
4 Based on the belief that traditional family arrangements are the best foundation for individuals and society. Leaders readers to feel that some arrangements threaten the moral fabric of society.
5 Speaks to people's belief that everyone deserves fair treatment, arouses anger at a perceived injustice.
7 Places a high value on the past and one's heritage, suggests abandoning tradition is damaging to society.
8 Use of the same constant at the beginning of each stressed syllable in a line of verse. Often used in headlines to draw attention to key words.
9 A general statement that infers or claims that whatever is being asserted is true for most people or a majority.
10 Involves the reader directly in the issue by using words such as 'we' or 'us'
11 Portrays worst case scenarios to emphasises the need to take preventive action. Makes reader want to take action to protect themselves or loved ones.
14 A statement that is in the form of a question but no answer is needed. It positions the reader to assume their answer will be the same as the writer.
16 Facts, information or expert opinion. It gives the writer's argument more credibility.
17 The implied or associative meaning of a word
1 Drawing a comparison in order to show a similarity in some respect, explains a complex point in familiar terms.
2 A worn out idea or overused expression. Helps the reader feel more comfortable with an idea.
3 Repeated use of sounds, words or ideas for emphasis. This captures the reader's attention to make point more memorable.
4 One's own desires should be placed ahead of others'. Suggests to the reader that their interests are in competition with or threatened.
6 A fact that logically justifies some conclusion. Gives the writer's viewpoint credibility.
12 A play on words involving the use of words with similar sounds but different meanings or words with the same sounding but different meanings. Gains reader's attention and emphasises reader's point.
13 A figure of speech in which an expression is used to refer to something that does not literally denote in order to suggest a similarity. Evokes emotion within the reader.
15 Used to degrade the opponent, and by implication their viewpoint. Positions readers to believe that if the individual is flawed, their message must be too.
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