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What IS Art Crossword Puzzle

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What is Art

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Across Down
3 a work that contains moving parts
5 color adjecent to each other on the color wheel
6 the principle of drawing attension to particular content in a work
8 the suface or background onto which an artists paints or draw
11 a work in which the ideas are often as important as how it is made
12 a work of art assembled by gluing materials, often paper into a surface
15 the range of color use by the artist
16 any side of a building, usually the front or entrance
18 the use of overlapping parrallel lines of convey darkness or lightness
19 the colored materials used in paint, often made from finely ground minerals
20 the surface quality of a work, example: fine/coarse, detailed/lacking in detail
1 the space filled or enclosed by a three-dimensional figure or object
2 the effect of changing placement in time
4 a system using diagonal parallel lines to communicate depth
7 suspended moving sculptures, usually impelled by natural air currents
9 object that can be defined in three-dimensions (height, width, and depth)
10 the lightness or darkness of a plane or area
13 a silent performance work; actor use only body movements and facial expressions
14 a flat surface
17 a color darker in value than it purest state
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