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What IS Risk%3f Crossword Puzzle Answer

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What is Risk?

Financial Management - pilling

              B     A         B U Y I N G  
              L     R         U            
              A     M         I            
              C     E         L E N D I N G
      S T O C K M A R K E T   D            
      I     E                 I            
      X   U N E M P L O Y M E N T          
            T                 G            
W O R T H L E S S                          
            R     P                        
            P A R A L Y Z E D              
            I     N             B          
D O W J O N E S   I             A          
            C     C   B         N          
            E         I     H   K          
            S P E C U L A T O R S          
                U     L     U              
                R     I     S              
                O     O     I              
                P     N     N              
                E           G              
              F A L L                      
Across Down
3 the banks thought doing this would stop the crash
4 banks were doing this with millions of dollars
5 thousands of average Americans were investing their savings in this
7 this was growing in the factories
8 this is what the paper wealth became
10 this is what happened to the American economy
12 this dropped 12%
15 these traders sold stocks at low values
17 speculators raising cash to pay back loans caused the prices to do this
1 did not recover from the drop in prices after WW1
2 the colour of Tuesday
3 conditions were doing this for years
5 the Great Crash lasted this many days
6 steel and automobile industries were these in America
9 this spread
11 These groups called i the loans of the speculators
13 10 __________ dollars of share value were lost
14 these kind of starts fell
16 these investors were pulling their money out
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