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Whs - Legal Compliance Crossword Puzzle

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WHS - Legal Compliance

Assist With Compliance With OH&S and Other Relevant Laws

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Across Down
2 Senior level of Management having WHS responsibilities
4 A person that is also a business or entity
6 Abbreviated example of information required under Section 19
7 Example of a Code of Practice ie Managing .......
9 A Register required under The Workplace Injury Management & W.C. Act
10 Example of a worker
12 PCBU's responsibility under Section 19 ie Safe....
14 Key word persons use to defend their actions before Courts for breach of WHS Act
17 Legislation that can be used to prosecute for WHS breaches
18 A notice WorkCover can impose on organisations
20 When must serious injuries eg fatalities, loss of limbs be reported to WorkCover
21 Another PCBU responsibility under Section 19 ie Safe....
25 Non life threatening injuries of 7 or more days absence must be reported to WorkCover within ..... days
26 Abreviation for current safety legislation
27 Another name for an employee under WHS legislation
28 Key word when describing Codes of Practice
1 Document used in conjunction with Act that further expands upon the Act
3 Person with responsibilities under the WHS aCT
4 Example of a PCBU
5 Source of WHS information
8 Example of industry when WHS induction training must be provided
11 Abbrevated word for identifying training gaps
13 Section of WHS Act giving responsibilities to PCBU's
15 What Courts will often do that lessen the penalty for contravention of the WHS aCT
16 Statutory organisation to ensure WHS laws are carried out
19 A notice WorkCover can issue and when breached they can also issue a fine
21 Act providing for the control of the handling of explosives
22 Officers, in carrying out their duty of due diligence must ensure appropriate ...... are available
23 Psycholigical harm
24 One of several activities of WorkCover
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