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Wild Animals Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Wild Animals

                      T I G E R
                    C   P      
                    H   P      
                  L E P O R D  
                    E       E  
            A       T       E  
          E L E P H A N T   R  
            I       H          
            G         D        
Z         K A N G A R O O      
E       P   T   I     L        
B U F F A L O   R     P A N D A
R   O   N   R   A     H        
A   X   T       F   L I Z A R D
        H       F     N     I  
M O N K E Y   B E A R       N  
        R               L I O N
Across Down
2 I am a striped big cat and I live in rain forests and grasslands.
4 I am big cat and I have lots of spots.
7 I have big ears and a long trunk.
10 I have some of the strongest legs in the world and I live in Australia.
13 I have big horns and lions love to eat me.
15 I look like a bear with patches of black and white.
16 I am a cold blooded reptile and I have a very long tail most of the time.
18 I love to hang around in the Amazon Rain forest.
19 If you leave your food out in the open when you are camping I will steal it most likely.
20 I have a large ring of fur around my neck and it is called a mane.
1 I am fat and I love to hang out in water holes. I have some of the biggest teeth on the planet.
3 l can sprint at 70 miles a hour for about two minutes.
5 I play the roll part in 'Bambi'. I have horns and am very majestic.
6 I love meat and I tend to live in swamps and rivers.
8 I love attention and flipping above the water and showing off.
9 I am a striped animal that looks like a horse.
11 I have a very long neck to reach the food I love.
12 In movies I am mostly colored black. And I mostly live in the rain forest.
14 I am red and have a white spot of fur on the tip of my tail. I am mostly seen as sneaky.
17 I have two large horns on the front of my head.
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