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Wind And Weather Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Wind and Weather

Science 5th grade

                    W     S        
                    E     E       F
                    A   L A M P   R
                N   T     L       O
                E   H     E       N
                E   E     V       T
            P O L A R I C E C A P S
            R   Y         L        
C L I M A T E                 W    
            C O N D E N S A T I O N
            I                 N    
      E V A P O R A T I O N   D    
            I                   O  
D R O U G H T                   C  
  U         A I R P R E S S U R E  
  N         T                   A  
  O       H I G H W I N D S     N  
  F         O   U               S  
  F     S U N   M                  
Across Down
4 What classroom item could be symbolic of our sun? (electrical)
6 What large, cold mass would shrink if Earth's temperatures rose over time? (3 words)
7 Weather over a long period of time (like a 'C'entury)
9 Process of when a gas (or water vapor) changes back into a liquid
10 Process where a liquid changes into a gas or vapor
12 Long period without rain that makes plants dry out and causes wildfires
14 What meteorologists depend on to forecast an approaching storm (2 words)
15 What weather will occur if 2 air masses with large differences are near one another? (2 words)
17 Solar Energy that the water cycle needs
1 State of the atmosphere including temperature, fronts and precipitation (usually within a 'W'eek)
2 What level would rise if the Earth's temperature would rise over time? (2 words)
3 These are either cold or warm and meteorologists should always know about (not backs)
5 What is Mrs. Jones' daughter name?
6 Moisture of any form that falls from clouds to the ground
8 What can be so powerful that it can knock over a tree?
11 What large body of water helps to regulate temperatures of nearby land
13 The extra water from rain or snow melts that flows donwhill into oceans
16 Causes shirts to feel damp - means alot of water vapor in the air
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