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Winter Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
5 this florida city has never reported snowfall (2 words)
7 9 branched candle holder
10 a singing tradition
12 dont forget to leave some of these out for Santa!
14 this reindeer starred in a 80's movie with Rebecca Harrell and Sam Elliot
15 this 'Merry Christmas' song was released in 1970 by Puerto Rican singer Jose Feliciano (2 words)
17 hung by the chimney with care
19 hot spiced fruit drink
21 ___ on a shelf
22 believed to be derived from Posset; a drink made with milk and eggs
24 famous ballet; used as a tool to open a certain snack
25 something a family does repeatedly that binds them together in memories
26 in Britain Santa is often referred to as ____ Christmas
27 'Christmas fooling', a Scandinavian tradition that involves dressing up and wearing masks
28 this character stars in the movie where 'You'll shoot your eye out!' is a famous line
29 now symbolized by lights on a Christmas tree
30 Tim Allen was Santa in this famous 90's Christmas movie (3 words)
31 little helpers
32 Chevy Chase plays this man in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (2 words)
35 we learned that this is a common condiment used by elves in the movie 'Elf' (2 words)
40 name of a reindeer and slang for a flirtatious woman
41 this 'anti-santa's name is taken for the German word meaning 'claw'
42 this holiday plant can be grown in all 50 states
43 there was a ____ in old Kris Kringle's eye
44 Norwegian flatbread, sometimes eaten plain or with butter and sugar
45 hanging ice that little children often wish to suck on
1 common winter activity to do on ice
2 the color of Elvis' Christmas
3 holidays are best spent with _____
4 winter dessert primarily made with candied fruit
6 this tree keeps its color all year round
8 stole Christmas
9 make sure you bundle up your fingers and toes so you dont become afflicted with this cold weather condition
10 icionic candy thats tradtionally red and white (2 words)
11 do you wanna build a _____?
13 snow house
16 an amazing colorful affect caused when solar winds interact with our atmosphere, northern hemisphere (2 words)
17 visions of these danced in children's heads (2 words)
18 he leaves beautiful designs on your windows (2 words)
20 you'll find me in a pear tree
23 what has four finders and a thumb but isn't alive?
33 you'll never find two of me exactly the same
34 spin the ____
35 parasitic plant; dont get caught under this unless you want a kiss!
36 white animal adopted by the Coca Cola company to promote their product in winter months (2 words)
37 Scrooge's first name
38 one of the oldest known winter celebrations, marks the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere
39 aquatic, flightless bird that mostly lives in Antarctica
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