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Winter Wonderland Crossword Puzzle

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Winter Wonderland

      1                                           2  
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Across Down
3 Winter's favorite color
7 What kids get off when the weather is too bad
9 Frosty fellow with a carrot nose
10 Pieces of ice falling from the sky
11 Twelve sticks and one puck
13 A solid form of frozen water
14 I am a soft, warm type of cloth used to make sheets and blankets
16 You wear me on your hands. I have a place for every finger
17 A large mass of snow that slides down a mountain
18 You use me to get ice off of your car windows
19 Light a fire here to keep warm on chilly days
20 A standardized measure of how hot or cold it is outside
22 Winter vehicle for off road
23 I am the season with the most snow
25 Some animals do this all winter
27 You wear me on your feet to keep them warm and dry
28 You might get me if you stay outside in the cold too long
32 The best company in the world to work for
33 Ice crystals on a frozen surface; 'Old Jack ______________'
34 A mixture of snow and water
36 Thick water vapor that makes it hard to see
37 A tool people use to remove snow from sidewalks
1 You wear these instead of shoes when you visit an ice rink
2 I am a warm chocolate beverage
4 A flat object that people use to travel in surf-like position down hils of snow
5 Tuxedo with feathers
6 The temperature felt by the human body when wind makes it feel colder than the actual temperature
7 No two are alike
8 Grandma will knit one to keep you warm
12 White teddy
15 A tool used to measure temperature
21 The process by which snow or ice changes to water
24 Snowfall that is so heavy one can see little or nothing on the horizon
26 You wear me on your head
28 Intensley cold temperature
29 A piece of winter clothing that keeps children warm and dry as they play in the snow
30 A storm with heavy snow, strong winds, and severe cold
31 I keep your ears warm
35 Mildly cold feeling
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