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Women IN Canada Crossword Puzzle

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Women in Canada

Complete the crossword below.

2           3     4     5              
9                                 10    
                        11   12          
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            18           19   20          
Across Down
2 ________ was the first province where women could vote.
8 Cairine Wilson was a prominent opponent of ________ ___________.
9 The Constituion did not belive that both________ could be included in the upper house.
10 Women we're divided in their goals, caught between _____ and new concepts of their roles in society.
13 The first woman senator was _______ ________.
14 Mary McCutcheon and Anne Anderson Perry wrote in _________ magazine.
15 Prime Minister________ ________ chose the first woman senator.
18 ________ ________ was the only female member of the parliament from 1921-1935.
1 The first woman's senator was from_______.
3 All of the women who won seats in the provincial legislatures before 1940 were from the Praries and _______ ________.
4 Cairine Wilson had ______ qualifications.
5 Early women's movement in Canada came from the _______.
6 Women did not automatically vote for other _______.
7 Nellie______ was one of the Famous Five.
11 Agnes Mcphail said she was made to feel like a ______ in a cage.
12 ________ Alberta women pushed women's rights further.
16 The jurists said, 'a _____ of days more barbarous than ours.'
17 The Persons Case was one of the _______ events of the century.
19 The first women to enter provincial cabinets were in British Columbia and _________.
20 The Supreme Court of Canada declined that Canadian women were not ________.
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