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Wood Buffalo National Park Crossword Puzzle

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Wood Buffalo National Park

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Across Down
3 The ___ covers 10% of the province.
5 It ___ an outstanding and representative example of Canada's Northern Boreal Plains.
9 This animal is found in meadows located at wood buffalo
10 Persons with regard to their residence
12 The Europeans called the people they met in this region Beaver, ___ ___ ___
13 This park is the ___ national park in Canada
14 The Wood Buffalo area has always attracted ____
17 This region has been ____ by human cultures since the end of the last ice age
18 Today, the park supports natural and cultural resources, from diverse____ and rare species
20 Wood buffalo is very popular for there___
21 The first national park in the world is ___ right before Wood buffalo
1 Wood buffalo is located in ____
2 The main reason for rapid growth is ____
4 Canada's largest national park straddles the Alberta/ ____ border
6 When the discovery of the region's oil sands deposits started economic growth there was a ___ way to extract the oil
7 The Wood Buffalo region has the ___ largest reserves of oil in the world
8 This animal is known as there mascot.
11 Wood Buffalo's population is quite ___, 65,565
15 The region's population has grown ____ over the last two decades
16 Wood buffalo starts many__ on purpose to re-fertalize the soil
19 In 1922 founders were trying to protect the habitat of a small herd of wood ___
22 This park contain one of the biggest fresh water ____
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