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Woodworking Basics Crossword Puzzle

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Woodworking Basics

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Across Down
3 A type of glue that drys clear, very easy to apply, and very strong
6 A type of finish such as a varnish or shellac used to bring out the grain
7 A type of finish usually intended as an after coat once a stain has been applied.
9 A type of finish that are generally rubbed into the timber with a special cloth giving a natural shine
10 A tool used to deliver an impact or force.
11 Used to measure lengths of wood
12 Used to secure or loosen parts of machinery
15 A type of finish that is similar to a wax, but thinner and easier for the wood to absorb
16 A piece of machinery that can cut large pieces of timber
17 Used to remove a small amount of material to create a smooth surface or remove something
18 A type of joint where special shaped pins are interlocked into slots.
20 A joint where the ends are cut at a 45 degree angle and then glued together.
23 Type of timber made from small layers of solid timber.
1 A tool operated by hand movements which are used to cut materials with its blade.
2 A joint that is attached edge to edge with two or more pieces of timber
4 A power tool used to insert or remove screws from a material
5 A type of joint that is secured with an adhesive and a small piece of wood
6 Slotted drive, phillips head, and pozidrive are examples of this type of bonding piece
7 A manufactured timber used in making furniture because it is cheap.
8 Bullet head and flathead are examples of this type of bonding piece
13 A glue that comes in a two pack, one for a resin and one for a hardener
14 The most basic and simple type of joint
19 A type of finish used to paint wood
21 Type of wood that is becoming scarce and expensive.
22 A fiberboard made from a very fine wood dust
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