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Word Experts

                          T         A             V
                          A         S       F     I
                        E L E G A N T       L     T
                          E       U     C   E     A
                          N       T   H O P E F U L
                          T   G   R     M   T      
                              L   I     P          
                              I   T     A S S U M E
  R E S C U E                 M   I     N          
        A                 C O M F O R T I N G      
        R     A   A       O   E   U     O          
        E X P R E S S I O N   R   S     N E S T L E
  W     F     T   S       S                        
  E     R     I   E     P E R F O R M A N C E      
F A S T E N   S   M       Q                        
  R     E     T   B       U                        
  Y           I   L     R E S O U R C E F U L      
              C   E       N                        
                          C O N T R I B U T E      
          V E R S A T I L E         N              
            M   H   R   O     T     D I S C O R D  
            E   E   E   N     E     I              
            R   L   M   E     A     V              
            G   T   B   L     S E R I O U S        
            E   E   L   Y     E     D       G      
                R   E               U       I      
                              S T R A N D E D      
                              Q     L       D      
                              U             Y      
Across Down
5 beautiful and fancy
8 to believe something good will happen
10 to believe something is true, even when it might not be
11 to save someone or something from something bad happening
13 to make feel better when you're sad or afraid
16 the look on your face that shows what you are feeling
17 hold something against yourself softly
19 to sing, dance or speak in front of an audience
20 to connect two things together
21 good at finding ways of solving problems
22 you give or do something to help make it a success
24 able to do many different things
30 when things are out of tune or disagree with one another
31 to think hard about something and not joke around about it
33 left behind with no way to leave
1 to brag
2 natural ability to do something well
3 full of life
4 a person or animal that moves fast
6 healthy
7 someone you spend time with or do things with
9 to shine or twinkle softly
12 to have no worries
13 what happens because you did or did not do something
14 good at drawing, painting, or making beautiful things
15 put all the different parts together
18 very tired
23 a person who does not try to imitate others
25 come out from behind or under something and into view
26 to keep something from getting hurt by the sun or weather
27 to shake all over because you're scared or angry
28 to feel alone or like you don't have any friends
29 to try to upset someone by laughing at them or making jokes about them
32 so happy you start to act silly
33 wiggle from side to side
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