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Words For Renters Crossword Puzzle

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Words for Renters

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Across Down
3 When you take over someone else's lease, or turn your lease over to them
4 Apartment abbreviated
6 Another name for the manager or owner of the property
9 Place for rent with a shared bathroom and no kitchen is sometimes called a ________ room
10 On an _________ agreement, the landlord and the new tenant list everything in the apartment and make notes on any damage
13 What happens when a tenant doesn't pay the rent
15 Someone who agrees to pay the rent if the one they sign for flakes out
17 You have to pay extra if the rent is ____
1 The one utility you can dial
2 Another name for an efficiency apartment
3 Leave the apartment in good shape and get your ________deposit back
5 Sure they're cute and lovable, but they make it harder to find a place to rent
7 A form listing your references, where you work, your social security number, etc. that you fill out when applying for an apartment, job or college
8 Written legal agreement between tenant and landlord
11 First and last
12 Someone you want to rent from can find out if you don't pay your bills by running a ______ check
14 A type of federal housing assistance for low income, disabled or elderly clients, is called _______8
16 No late fee during the _____ period
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