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Workplace Safety Crossword Puzzle

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Workplace Safety

Used vocabulary words learned in Chapter 1 in House Wiring textbook.

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Across Down
2 form that explains hazards of chemicals
6 two prong plug that distinguises between hot and neutral
10 must be followed as relating to code
12 sudden stimilation of nerves caused by contact with electricity
13 receptacle or circuit breaker that protects people from electricial shock
15 platform for working in high places; staging
17 potential source of danger
19 opposition to current flow
20 safety glasses, hard hats, gloves, etc.
21 part of the circuit that provides the energy
1 material that has a high resistance to current flow
3 intensity of electron flow
4 power source; conductor; load
5 power tool that doesn't require a grounding prong
7 flow of a high amount of current through the air, spark
8 part of the electrical that uses the electricity and performs work
9 an electrical connection with the earth
11 EMF; electromotive force; electrical potential or pressure
14 unit of measure for electrical potential
16 book that contains minimum safety requirements for electrical installations
18 unit of measure for current flow
22 Government agency established to enforce workplace safety rules
23 unit of measure for resistance
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